Symposium in honor of

            Alan Weinstein

The “Symposium in honor of Alan Weinstein” celebrates Alan Weinstein’s 70th birthday and is organized by his former students. It will take place at the Institute Henri Poincaré (Paris), 18-20 July, 2013. The speakers are former Ph.D students of Alan Weinstein.

List of Speakers:

Melanie Bertelson (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium) (Slides)
Henrique Bursztyn (IMPA, Brazil)
Milton Lopes Filho (Univ. Campinas, Brazil)
Benoit Jubin (Univ. of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Vinay Kathotia (The Nuffield Foundation, UK)
Jair Koiller (UFRJ, Brazil)
Jiang-Hua Lu (Hong Kong University, Hong Kong) (Slides)
Aaron Fraenkel (McMillan) (Boston College, USA)
Yong-Geun Oh (Univ. of Wisconsin, USA) (Slides)
William Qian (China)
Dima Roytenberg (Univ. Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Sobhan Seyfaddini (Ecole Normale Supérieure, France)
Xiang Tang (Washington University in St. Louis, USA) (Slides)
Ping Xu (Penn State University, USA)
Marco Zambon (Univ. Autonoma Madrid and ICMAT, Spain)
Chenchang Zhu (Univ. Göttingen, Germany)
Dong Yan (FORE Research and Management, LLP, USA) (Slides)


The workshop will start at 10 o'clock in the morning of Thursday July 18th and end at noon of Saturday July 20th.

There will be a reception in the evening of Thursday, July 18th, and a workshop banquet in the evening of Friday, July 19th.

Access to IHP.


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Please register to attend the workshop receiption and banquet. The workshop banquet will include vegetarian options.

Registered Participants


Marco Zambon,

Financial Support:

We are partially supported by

Courant Research Center "Higher Order Structures"

European Science Foundation.

A Conference in honor of Alan Weinstein will take place at EPFL Lausanne in the week following the symposium: