Handouts (other than Course-Related)

(All handouts are in PDF format.)

Guide to using SAS

The Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm and Extensions (MCMC)

Statistics and Linear Algebra:
        1. Multivariate Linear Models
        2. Wishart distributions and inverse-Wishart sampling
        3. The Singular Value Decomposition and Applications

One-Dimensional Diffusion Processes:
        1. One-Dimensional Diffusion Operators
        2. Sample-Path Regularity for One-Dimensional Diffusions
        3. Hypergeometric Functions and the Selection-Drift PDE

Poisson Random Field Exercises

Survival Analysis: A Kalbfleisch-like model
        (12pt Computer Modern)    (10pt Times Roman)

Population-Genetics Notes   (Using two different fonts):
        Chapter 1   (12pt Computer Modern)    (10pt Times Roman)
        Coalescent Notes   (12pt Computer Modern)    (10pt Times Roman)

Martin Boundaries and Random Walks
        (A survey article from a 1997 conference proceedings.)

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