Complex Analysis I

Math 5022: Complex Analysis II

Spring 2018

Welcome to the webpage for Math 5022. This is the second semester of the qualifying graduate level course on complex analysis.
The course will include topics on entire functions, gamma and zeta functions, the Prime number theorem, Riemann mapping theorem, elliptic functions, and other topics as time permits.
Math 5021-5022 form the basis for the Ph.D. qualifying exam in complex variables.

Time/Location Tu-Th 1-2:30PM, Eads, 207

Prerequisites: Math 5021, or permission of the instructor.

Textbook: There is no required textbook for the course. Recommended useful books are:

Complex Analysis (3rd edition) by Ahlfors
Complex Analysis by Stein and Shakarchi
Functions of one complex variable by Conway
Function theory of one complex variable by Greene and Krantz

A copy of each of these books is placed on reserve at Olin Library.

Office hour: Tuesday 2:30-3:30, Wednesday 3-4, or By appointment. Location: Cupples I, Room 108B.

Grader: The grader for this course is Yingxuan Li (

Exams: There will be one in class midterm exam during the semester. There will also be a final exam. The midterm is scheduled for Thursday March 8. Here is a link to the midterm exam.
If you are unable to take the midterm exam for legitimate reasons, you will not be given a make up exam.

Grading Information: The midterm and the homework will each count for 30 percent of your grade. The final exam will count for 40 percent of your grade.

Homework: There will be weekly homework. You are encouraged to discuss the problems but the write-up must be your own.
I expect there will be 10 (or 9) problem sets. The lowest homework grade will be dropped and the remaining 9 (or 8) will be counted towards your final course grade.

1. Homework #1 , Due January 30, in class.
2. Homework #2 , Due February 6, in class.
3. Homework #3 , Due February 15, in class.
4. Homework #4 , Due February 27, in class.
5. Homework #5 , Due April 3, in class.
6. Homework #6 , Due April 17, in class.
7. Homework #7 , Due April 26, in class.