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Math 233 (Calculus III) Syllabus

Course Information

Course Description

We will follow Multivariable Calculus, 8th Edition by James Stewart. Topics include differential and integral calculus of functions of two or three variables: vectors and curves in space, partial derivatives, multiple integrals, line integrals, vector calculus. In the textbook, this material corresponds to most of Chapters 12-16, plus a brief review of Chapter 10. You can also use an older version of the textbook, which may be substantially cheaper.

You can also get an ebook directly from Cengage using the class key wustl 8234 6337. If you've already purchased Cengage unlimited (e.g. for a chemistry course), then this is included.

Homework, Exams, and Grading Scale

Course grades will be determined based on homework, exams, and the discussion sections.

The points for the course will be distributed as follows:

Discussion Sections 5%
WeBWorK 10%
Crowdmark 10%
Exam 1 15%
Exam 2 15%
Exam 3 15%
Final Exam 30%

Your final grade will then be assigned from the table below. If you are taking this as pass-fail, then the cutoff for a passing grade is C-. The grade of A+ will be given at the instructor's discretion.

Grade Percentage
A ≥ 90%
A- 85-89.9%
B+ 80-84.9%
B 75-79.9%
B- 70-74.9%
C+ 65-69.9%
C 60-64.9%
C- 55-59.9%
D 50-54.9%
F 0-49.9%

Learning Resources

There are many resources available to help you succeed in the course - remember that we are here to help you get the most possible out of your time here! Here are some suggestions:

Other Course Policies and Helpful Information