Combinatorics Seminar Fall 2020

Mondays 4-5pm online
Date Speaker Title
September 14 Mariel Supina (UC Berkeley) The universal valuation of Coxeter matroids
September 21 Nathan Lesnevich (Wash U) Positivity Among P-Partition Generating Functions
September 28 Alexander Diaz-Lopez (Villanova U) Peaks and descents of permutations: A story with open questions
October 5 Rafael González D'León (Sergio Arboleda) Whitney duals and Whitney twins: a plausible approach to questions related to Whitney numbers
October 12 Mark Colarusso (S Alabama) Partitions and Paths: The Combinatorics of Orbits of a 'Little' Borel Subgroup on the Flag Variety
October 26 at 4:40pm Alex Woo (U Idaho) Hultman elements for type B
November 2 Andrés Vindas Meléndez (U Kentucky) Decompositions of the h*-polynomial for rational polytopes
November 9 Melissa Sherman-Bennett (Harvard) Kazhdan-Lusztig immanants and k-positive matrices
November 16 Clifford Smyth (UNC Greensboro) Combinatorial formulas for restricted Stirling and Lah number matrices and their inverses
November 23 Eric Sommers (U Mass Amherst) Generating the nilpotent equivalence relation on Dyck paths
December 7 Jacob Matherne (U Oregon) Singular Hodge theory of matroids

The seminar is co-organized by Laura Escobar, Martha Precup, and John Shareshian

Last semester's seminar.