Math 3200 Handouts and Homework Assignments - Spring 2017

This a temporary schedule and will be updated as the semester goes.
Updated Lecture notes

Week Topic Reading Homework and Exam Handouts
Week 1
01/18, 01/20
Introduction to Statistics and Statistical Software Chapter 3   Olympic records
Music and Memory
Short Introduction to R
Introduction to R (Sample codes: P82-84)

Week 2
01/23, 01/25, 01/27
Data Exploring and Descriptive Statistics Chapter 4 Labor Data
Solution to HW1
Data Exploring Example in R
Frequency Table Example in R
Week 3
01/30, 02/01, 02/03
Probability Concepts:
Random Variables, CDF/PDF, Mean, Variance,
Chapter 2.1-2.4 HW2
Solution to HW2
Introduction to Probability
Conditional Probability
Week 4
02/06, 02/08, 02/10
Special distributions:
Bernoulli, Binomial, Normal
Chapter 2 Midterm I Solution
> Solution to HW3
Solution to HW3
Binomial & Normal in R
Week 5
02/13, 02/15, 02/17
More special distributions: log Normal, Uniform, Exponential
Negative Binomial,Hypergeometric, Poission
Joint Distribution
Chapter 2 HW4
Solution to HW4
Special Continous Distributions
Demo of Binormal Distribution
3-D histogram
Week 6
02/20, 02/22, 02/24
Conditional distribution
Sampling Distributions,
Chapter 5 HW5
Solution to HW5
Introduction to SAS by Tamburro
Introduction to SAS by MacConnell
SAS Demo by Habek
Overview of Sampling Distribution
Week 7
02/27, 03/01, 03/03
Chi-square distribution, Student's-T distribution, F distirubiton
Concepts of Inference:
Point Estimation, Confidence Interval
Chapter 5 HW6
Solution to HW6
Sampling Distribution for Mean
Sampling Distribution for Var Derivation of Confidence Interval of Mean
Week 8
03/06, 03/08 , 03/10
Hypothesis Test Chapter 6~7 Midterm II Solution Source file PowerDemo.R
Power Demo
Week 9
Spring Break      
Week 10
03/20, 03/22 , 03/24
Inference on Mean via CLT, Inference on Variance Chapter 6~7 HW7
Solution to HW7
Inference for One Sample
Week 11
03/27, 03/29 , 03/31
Inferences for two samples:
mean, variance, proportion
Chapter 8 HW8
Solution to HW8
Two Sample Inferences
Week 12
04/03, 04/05 , 04/07
Inferences for Proportions and Counts Chapter 8 ~9 Midterm III Solution
Solution to Suggested Questions from Chap 8
Pearson Chi-square Tests
Week 13
04/10, 04/12 , 04/14
Simple Linear Regression,
Chapter 10 HW9
Solution to HW9
Week 14
04/17, 04/19 , 04/21
Simple and Multiple Linear Regression Chapter 11 HW10
Solution to HW10 Bonus Questions Solution to Q1, Q2, Q3
Simple Linear Regression Example
Model Diagnosis in Regression
Outlier Data
Hospital Infection Data
Week 15
04/24, 04/26 , 04/28
Multiple Linear Regression Chapter 11 HW11
Solution Q1-Q5
Blood Pressure Data
Multiple Linear Regression Example Multiple Linear Regression with Categorical Variables
Final Week 05/04     Final Exam with Solution

  • Reading and Problems in text are from
            Tamhane and Dunlop, Statistics and Data Analysis from Elementary to Intermediate.
  • Table 2.5 and Table A.3
  • Relationships among common distributions
  • Table of common distributions

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