Math 3200: Elementary to Intermediate Statistics and Data Analysis - Spring 2020

Sec 01 Meet at: Room 162, McDonnell Hall, Mon. Wed. Fri. 9-10 am.

Sec 02 Meet at: Room 162, McDonnell Hall, Mon. Wed. Fri. 10-11 pm.

Handouts and Homework Assignments

Instructor: Jimin Ding

UPDATES April 2020

Given the feedbacks collected from the survey and zoom meetings in the first two weeks of online math 3200, we decide to keep the lectures in live zoom meetings and post the recorded lectures after 11 am. on MWF.

The course materials including lecture notes, solution to the examples in the lecture notes, and practice questions will be published before the lectures on a weekly basis. To engage more discussions and active learning, we will go through lecture notes and examples during live zoom meetings, with the hope that students' questions can be answered in real time and instant feedback may prompt further critical thinking. Live conversation at the designed time is also a method of time blocking that eliminates distraction to help students study more efficiently.

The last 20 minutes of each zoom meeting will involve group work on the posted practice questions, which is used to encourage discussions and supplement classroom activities. Past experiences have shown that participation in group discussions can significantly deepen the understanding of the material and make learning more fun. To be intellectually stimulating, the solutions will be posted only after each zoom meeting in a separate subfolder in WUSTL BOX.

Although attending live zoom meetings is strongly suggested, the recorded zoom meetings, including lectures, questions, and solutions to practice questions, will be shared via WUSTL BOX for those who can not participate zoom meeting synchronously.

Homework is now due on Friday to allow more time for quesitons.

All course materials and recorded zoom meetings will be shared via WUSTL BOX. There are five subfolders: Homework and Solution, Lecture Notes, Practice Questions, Recorded Zoom Meetings, Solutions to Practice Questions. The files are named by week or date.

UPDATES MARCH 2020 - Information for Online Math3200

In compliance with the university's COVID-19 contingency plan, the second half of this course will be held online, starting from March 23rd through the end of semester, April. 24th. The complete lecture notes are posted online at The detailed schedule and coverage of the lecture notes and textbook are updated at Many activities indicated below will be in zoom. You will need to sign in on the first time you open Zoom. The WashU zoom main site has good documentation and you can practice the "join a test meeting".

The following lists changes to the structure and schedule of Math 3200 that we are making as a result. We may refine things and make changes based on the feedbacks as we figure out certain things does not work well.

Topics covered:



Reference books:

  • Statistics and Data Analysis from Elementary to Intermediate, GA. J. Tamhane and D. D. Dunlop , Prentice-Hall, 2000.
  • Statistics, 4th Ed. D. Freedman, R. Pisani, R. Purves, W. W. Norton & Company, 2007.
  • OpenIntro Statistics, 4th Ed. D. Diez, M. Çetinkaya-Rundel, C. Barr, 2019 (Free downloadable)



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