Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

Math 312 - Spring 2018

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Renato Feres 5-6752 Cupples I, 17 feres@wustl.edu

Section information: Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30PM to 4:00PM at Lopata Hall 202. I'll tell you about office hours on the first day of classes.

Subject: This is an introduction to the theory of Dynamical Systems arising from systems of both linear and nonlinear differential equations. We will explore analytical methods, play with numerical solutions, and consider differential equations modeling for scientific applications. The later may include topics in Physics (mechanics, electrical circuits), Chemical Kinetics, Population Biology, Epidemics, etc.

Text: The official text for the course is:

We may occasionally also use:

Do not buy this book! You may download it for free from the Olin Library electronic resources: Solving Differential Equations in R

Tentative list of topics (not necessarily in this order). Chapters refer to text by Hirsch-Smale-Devaney:

Coursework: There will be weekly homework assignments and a final written project on a topic of your choosing. I'll tell you more details in class.

Grades: Your final grade will be based on your homework assignments and the final presentation. We'll discuss the details in class.

Homework assignments: