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Steven G. Krantz,   Professor

Ph.D. 1974 Princeton University

B.A. 1971 University of California, Santa Cruz

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    Steven G. Krantz

    Professor of Mathematics

    Campus Box 1146

    Washington University in St. Louis

    St. Louis, Missouri 63130

    (314) 935-6712 (office)

    (314) 935-6839 (FAX)

    Downloadable Full Version of Curriculum Vitae

    The new Springer Open Access journal Complex Analysis and its Synergies (CASY) has a distinguished Editorial Board and Editor-in-Chief Steven G. Krantz. It is dedicated to creating a forum for work that exhibits the interplay between complex analysis and other fields of mathematics. This link will acquaint you with the new journal CASY.

    Complex Analysis and its Synergies

    New Article: Ode to Tenure

    Steven G. Krantz Books Published by CRC Press and Taylor & Francis

    Second Edition of A Primer of Mathematical Writing

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