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Math 132, Calculus II
Syllabus, Spring 2017

Welcome to Math 132, Calculus II

Instructor  Prof. Ron Freiwald  (314-935-6737)  For emails, please include "MATH 132" in the subject line to reduce the chance that the message gets lost in a spam filter.  If you email me about a WeBWorK problem (see below), please use the "message to instructor" option from inside your WebWorK problem so that I can move immediately from your message to your particular problem in WebWorK. 

Cupples I, Room 201 Office Hours  
Monday 1:30-3, Tuesday 1:30-3, Thursday 9:30-11 on days when University classes are in session.  Please feel free to stop by with questions.  Occasionally I may need to change these times to accommodate unexpected events, but I will try to notify you in advance and keep changes to a minimum. You are also also welcome to stop by at other times when I'm in my office and the light is on. If it's not a good time for me, then we can probably schedule an meeting at a time that works for both of us.

TA Office Hours  You can go to any of these "help" hours that fit you schedule, but the TA's working ith Math 131 may be a little more "up" on what's happening in Calculus I. 

Daily Assignments Page  This is the master calendar for the course.  In it you'll find the day-to-day schedule, recommended homework problems (not to be turned in), reminders about upcoming quizzes, exams and Webwork
Textbook and Calculator Information/eBook Access
Advice for Success
Required background for the course
What is Calculus About?

Academic Integrity
College Calendar/Deadlines for Spring 2017
Lectures and Tuesday Discussion Sections
WeBWorK: Required Homework
iClicker Information
Calculators in Math 132
Suggestions about Recommended Daily Homework
Exams (in-semester and final) 
Old Exams Online
Grading for the Course
Resources for Help
PLTL Study  Groups

End of Semester: Online Course Evaluations

Taking Calculus Elsewhere in Summer School

What Could I Do If I Majored in Math?
Math Undergraduate Page: Information About Math Majors and Minors
Web Pages for Math Students

A Math History Site
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Final Exam:   Friday morning, May 5, 2017, 10:30 - 12:30 p.m.