Algebraic & Arithmetic Geometry Seminar

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Co-organized by Roya Beheshti, Matt Kerr, Wanlin Li, and Jay Yang

4-5 PM Wednesdays in Rudolph Hall Room 203

Note: red font denotes related colloquia (4-5 PM Thursdays)

Date Speaker Title [Click here for abstracts]
Jan. 18 (DUC Rm 276)
Jan. 19 (Rm 199)
(both 4-5pm)
Jordan Ellenberg (Wisconsin) Sets, sums, and machines that do math
Stable homology and the BKPLR heuristics over function fields
Jan. 24
(Room 199)
Paul Hacking (U Mass) Mirror symmetry for Q-Fano 3-folds
Jan. 25
(Room 199)
Alessio Corti (Imperial) Fano 3-folds: mirror symmetry and classification
Feb. 2
(Crow 206)
Jay Yang (WUSTL) Constructing virtual resolutions
Feb. 7
Wanlin Li (WUSTL) The nontriviality of the Ceresa cycle
Feb. 14
Ali Daemi (WUSTL) Knots and holomorphic vector bundles
Feb. 15 Daniel Erman (Hawaii) Syzygies from Hilbert to mirror symmetry
Feb. 21
Andrew Harder (Lehigh) Hodge numbers of orbifold Clarke mirrors and mirror symmetry
Feb. 28
Soumya Sankar (Utrecht) Vertical Frobenius distributions for abelian varieties over finite fields
Feb. 29 John Voight (Dartmouth) Hypergeometric identities for 1/π2
Mar. 6
Lena Ji (U Michigan) On rationality criteria for threefolds over non-closed fields
Mar. 13
Mar. 20
Wendelin Lutz (U Mass) The movable cone of a Calabi-Yau threefold
Apr. 5
(Crow 206)
Alan Thompson (Loughborough) Mirror symmetry for fibrations and degenerations of K3 surfaces
Apr. 10
Xiaojiang Cheng (WUSTL) Ph.D. Defense
Apr. 17
Alessio Corti (Imperial/WUSTL) Smoothing Gorenstein toric Fano 3-folds
Apr. 24
Haohua Deng (Duke) Completing two-parameter period mappings by nilpotent orbits, Part II

Fall 2023 talks

Date Speaker Title [Click here for abstracts]
Aug. 30 Shuddhodan Vasudevan (IHES) The perverse filtration via Brylinski-Radon transform
Sep. 8
Note: Fri. 4-5,
Wrighton 250
Dong Quan Nguyen (GWU) Skolem's conjecture and Higher reciprocity law for the polynomial ring over ultra-finite fields, using model theory
Sep. 13 Matt Kerr (WUSTL) Differential equations, hypergeometric families, and Beilinson's conjectures
Sep. 20
Note: Room 199
Ravindra Girivaru (UMSL) Franchetta's conjecture for higher rank vector bundles
Sep. 27 Wanlin Li (WUSTL) Basic reductions of abelian varieties
Oct. 18
Note: Room 199
Eric Jovinelly (UIC) Geometric Manin's Conjecture for Fano threefolds
Oct. 25 Roya Beheshti (WUSTL) Tevelev degrees of Fano varieties
Oct. 30
Note: Mon. 2-3,
Sever 102
Colleen Robles (Duke) Completions of 2-parameter period maps by nilpotent orbits
Nov. 3 Robert Lazarsfeld (Stony Brook) How irrational is an irrational variety?
Nov. 4-5 Western AG Symposium See event webpage
Nov. 8
Nov. 9
Daniel Litt (Toronto) Prill and Prym problems
Shell games with 2x2 matrices
Nov. 17
Note: Fri. 4-5,
Rm. 215
Sun Woo Park (UW-Madison) On the prime Selmer ranks of cyclic prime twist families of elliptic curves over global function fields
Nov. 29 Carl Lian (Tufts) Counting curves on Pr
Dec. 1
Note: Fri. 2-3,
Crow 206
Tokio Sasaki (Miami) Indecomposable cycles on cubic fourfolds containing a plane
Dec. 5
Note: Tue. 4-5,
Rm. 115
Alex Betts (Harvard) Unexpected points in quadratic Chabauty loci
Dec. 13
Note: Rm. 115
John Yin (Wisconsin) A Chebotarev Density Theorem over Local Fields

Spring 2023 talks

Date Speaker Title [Click here for abstracts]
Feb. 1 Roya Beheshti (WUSTL) Restrictions on rational surfaces in general Fano hypersurfaces
Feb. 8 Andrew Harder (Lehigh) Motivic geometry of 2-loop Feynman integrals
Feb. 21
Note: Tuesday,
Room 115
David Urbanik (MSRI/IHES) Geometric G-functions and atypicality
Mar. 8 Nathan Chen (Columbia) Finite order birational automorphisms of Fano hypersurfaces
Apr. 5
RJ Acuna (WUSTL) K-theoretic criteria for exactness of some families of Laurent polynomials
Apr. 14
Note: Friday,
3-4, Room 215
Alan Thompson (Loughborough) Type II degenerations of K3 surfaces, pseudolattices, and mirror symmetry
Apr. 19 Izzet Coskun (UIC) The stability of normal bundles of curves
Apr. 26
Devin Akman (WUSTL) Factors of A-polynomials are rare
May. 3
Michael Kemeny (Wisconsin) The rank of syzygies

Fall 2022 talks

Date Speaker Title [Click here for abstracts]
Aug. 31 Wanlin Li (WUSTL) Abelian varieties of prescribed order over finite fields
Sep. 9
Note: Friday, 3-4pm
Aaron Landesman (Harvard) The algebraic geometry of the Putman-Wieland conjecture
Sept. 14 Ben Wormleighton (WUSTL) Reconciling mutations for Fano and cluster varieties
Sept. 28 Brian Lawrence (Wisconsin) Sparsity of integral points on moduli spaces of varieties
Oct. 5 Wendelin Lutz (U Mass) A geometric proof of the classification of T-polygons
Oct. 12
Note: 3-4pm
Jay Yang (WUSTL) Virtual resolutions and the virtually Cohen--Macaulay property
Oct. 21
Note: Friday,
Zoom, 4-5pm
Lara Bossinger (UNAM) Tropical totally positive cluster varieties
Oct. 26 Ziquan Yang (Wisconsin) The Tate Conjecture over finite fields for varieties with h2,0=1
Nov. 2 Matt Kerr (WUSTL) K2 and quantum curves
Nov. 16 Salim Tayou (Harvard) Exceptional jumps of the Picard rank of K3 surfaces over number fields
Dec. 2
Note: Friday, 1-2pm
Jonathan Love (McGill) TBA

Spring 2022 talks

Date Speaker Title [Click here for abstracts] Location
Jan. 26 Joseph Cummings Newton-Okounkov bodies of arrangement varieties Zoom
Feb. 2 Mandy Cheung Family Floer mirror and mirror symmetry for rank 2 cluster varieties Zoom
Feb. 9 Franco Rota Full exceptional collections for anticanonical log del Pezzo surfaces Zoom
Feb. 16 Adam Afandi Polynomiality of hyperelliptic Hodge integrals Zoom
Feb. 23 Michael Wemyss Local normal forms of noncommutative functions Zoom
Mar. 2 Alex Küronya Newton-Okounkov bodies and measures of local positivity Zoom
Mar. 9 Maria Gillespie Multiplicity-free formulas for products of psi and omega classes on M_0,n-bar via degenerations Zoom
Mar. 23 Soumya Sinha Babu Quantum curves and asymptotic Hodge theory Room 199
Mar. 24
Chuck Doran Mirroring towers: fibration and degeneration in Calabi-Yau geometry Colloquium
Mar. 30
Radu Laza Deformations of singular Fano and Calabi-Yau varieties Crow 206
Apr. 6
Marcos Marino Spectral theory, quantum curves, and topological strings Zoom
Apr. 13

Bruno Klingler Recent progress on Hodge loci Zoom
Apr. 21
Genival da Silva Jr. The complexity of higher Chow groups Crow 206
Apr. 27
Laure Flapan Kodaira dimension of some moduli spaces of hyperkähler varieties Crow 206
May. 19
Vasudevan Srinivas Algebraic versus topological entropy for varieties over finite fields Crow 204
Jun. 12
Thurs 11am
Jay Yang Virtual resolutions of monomial ideals Zoom

Fall 2021 talks

Date Speaker Title [Click here for abstracts] Location
Sep. 15 Tim Magee Convexity in tropical spaces and intrinsic NO bodies for cluster varieties Zoom
Sep. 22 Steven Karp Wronskians, total positivity, and real Schubert calculus Zoom
Sep. 29 Brian Lehmann Asymptotic geometry and convexity Zoom
Oct. 6 Dave Anderson Infinite flags and Schubert polynomials Zoom
Oct. 13 Dustin Ross Tropical fans, mixed volumes, and log-concavity Zoom
Oct. 20 Madeleine Brandt Tropical flag varieties Zoom
Oct. 27 Ana Balibanu Steinberg slices and group-valued moment maps Zoom
Nov. 3 Ravindra Girivaru Some (more) Lefschetz theorems for vector bundles Zoom
Nov. 10 Evangelia Gazaki Local-to-global principles for zero-cycles Zoom
Dec. 1 Devin Akman Intersection theory and Schubert cycles Room 199
Dec. 8 Jarosław Buczyński Fujita vanishing, sufficiently ample line bundles, and cactus varieties Zoom @11-12

Spring 2021 talks

Date Speaker Title [Click here for abstracts]
Feb. 10 Stefano Filipazzi (UCLA) On the boundedness of elliptically fibered varieties
Feb. 17 Genival da Silva Jr. Remarks on the Hodge conjecture for Fermat varieties
Mar. 10 Hossein Movasati (IMPA) Hodge cycles for cubic hypersurfaces
Mar. 17 Tom Ducat (Durham) Reid's pagoda done `torically'
Mar. 24 Roya Beheshti (WUSTL) Spaces of rational curves on Fano threefolds
Mar. 31 Jose Gonzalez (Riverside) The Fulton-MacPherson compactification is not a Mori dream space
Apr. 7 Tatsunari Watanabe (ERAU) An obstruction for sections of universal hyperelliptic curves
Apr. 14 Xiaojiang Cheng (WUSTL) Hodge classes in the cohomology of automorphic local systems
Apr. 21 Vasily Golyshev (Moscow) Fibered motives and modularity proofs
Apr. 28 Masha Vlasenko (IMPAN) Integrality of instanton numbers
May 5
Note: 2 PM
Alan Thompson (Loughborough) The mirror Clemens-Schmid sequence

Fall 2020 talks

Date Speaker Title [Click here for abstracts]
Sep. 16
Note: 4:15PM
Christian Schnell (Stony Brook) Degenerating variations of Hodge structure, revisited
Sep. 23
Note: 8PM
Zhiyuan Li (Fudan) Noether-Lefschetz cycles on moduli space of quasi-polarized K3 surfaces
Sep. 30 Ben Wormleighton (WUSTL) Symplectic embeddings via algebraic capacities
Oct. 14 Jonathan Lai (Imperial) Compactified mirror families for log Calabi-Yau surfaces and periods
Oct. 21 James Lewis (Alberta) Indecomposable K1-classes on a surface and membrane integrals
Oct. 28 Alastair Craw (Bath) Gale duality and the linearisation map for quiver moduli
Nov. 11 Tokio Sasaki (Miami) Higher Chow cycles arising from some Laurent polynomials
Dec. 2 Wushi Goldring (Stockholm) Propagating algebraicity via functoriality
Dec. 9 Johannes Walcher (Heidelberg) On the rationality of MUMs and 2-functions

Spring 2020 talks

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 15 Luca Schaffler (U Mass) Compactifications of moduli of points and lines in P2
Jan. 29 Gregory Pearlstein (TAMU) Differential geometry of the mixed Hodge metric
Feb. 12 Andrew Harder (Lehigh) Log symplectic pairs and mixed Hodge structures
Feb. 19 Patricio Gallardo (WUSTL/Riverside) Geography of quintic surfaces
Feb. 26 Sebastian Olano (Northwestern) On the nonnegativity of stringy Hodge numbers
Mar. 4 Alexander Duncan (S. Carolina) Distinguishing objects with separable algebras
Apr. 1
Note: on Zoom
Ben Wormleighton (Berkeley) Wall-crossing in the McKay correspondence
Apr. 8
Note: on Zoom
Haohua Deng (WUSTL) Oral Exam
Apr. 22Note: on Zoom Adrian Clingher (UMSL) K3 surfaces of high Picard rank

Fall 2019 talks

Date Speaker Title [Click here for abstracts]
Sep. 4 Colleen Robles (Duke) Identification of Hodge Domains
Sep. 11 Kapil Paranjape (IISER/WUSTL) Nori's theorem about Ceresa's cycle on abelian threefolds
Sep. 18 Francois Greer (Stony Brook) A Lagrangian sphere which is not a vanishing cycle
Sep. 25 Humberto Diaz (WUSTL) Unramified cohomology and the integral Hodge conjecture
Oct. 2 Patricio Gallardo (WUSTL) Geometric interpretations of complex ball quotients
Oct. 9 Roya Beheshti (WUSTL) Spaces of rational curves on Fano hypersurfaces
Oct. 23, 24 Ben Bakker (Georgia) Hodge theory and o-minimality
o-minimal GAGA
Nov. 1
Note: Friday, Rm. 6
Deepam Patel (Purdue) Interpolating motives
Nov. 4
Note: Monday, Rm. 207
Chenglong Yu (U Penn) Period integrals of vector bundle sections
Nov. 15
Note: Friday, Rm. 6
Charles Doran (Alberta/CMSA) Glueing periods for DHT mirrors
Nov. 20 Radu Laza (Stony Brook) Cohomology of hyperkaehler manifolds
Dec. 11 Kartik Prasanna (Michigan) Cohomology of arithmetic groups and motivic cohomology
Dec. 13
Note: Friday, Room 199
Fumiaki Suzuki (UIC) A pencil of Enriques surfaces with non-algebraic integral Hodge classes

Spring 2019 talks

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 30 Patricio Gallardo (WUSTL) Comparing approaches for compactifying moduli spaces
Feb. 6 Donu Arapura (Purdue) Algebraic cycles on genus two modular fourfolds
Feb. 20 Ryan Keast (U Toronto) Motivic and integral Hodge classes
Feb. 27 Luca Schaffler (U Mass) Compactifications of an interesting family of K3 surfaces from 8 points in P1
Mar. 6 Chenglong Yu (U Penn) Moduli of symmetric cubic fourfolds and singular sextic curves
Mar. 20 Benjamin Schmidt (UT-Austin) Vector bundles and reflexive sheaves with extremal Chern characters
Mar. 27 Humberto Diaz (UC-Riverside) On the Chow ring structure of the cubic hypersurface
Apr. 3 Eric Katz (Ohio State) Hodge theory in combinatorics
Apr. 10 James Lewis (Alberta) The transcendental Abel-Jacobi map for K1 of a surface

Fall 2018 talks

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 14
Note: Friday
Satya Mandal (Kansas) Homotopy obstructions for projective modules
Sep. 19 Martha Precup (WUSTL) Affine pavings
Sep. 26 Laura Escobar (WUSTL) Wall-crossing phenomena for Newton-Okounkov bodies
Oct. 3 Patricio Gallardo (WUSTL) On Chow quotients
Oct. 12
Note: Friday
Tony Pantev (U Penn) Mirror symmetry, Langlands duality, and Hodge theory
Oct. 24 Jenia Tevelev (U Mass) Derived categories of moduli of stable curves
Oct. 31 Laure Flapan (Northeastern) Chow motives associated to certain algebraic Hecke characters
Nov. 7
Note: Wednesday
Mark Green (UCLA) Algebraic Geometry over C for Beginners
Nov. 28 Matt Kerr (WUSTL) Hodge Theory and Singularities, Part 1
Dec. 5 Matt Kerr (WUSTL) Hodge Theory and Singularities, Part 2

Spring 2018 talks

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 31 Matt Kerr (WUSTL) BBD and VHS
Feb. 7 Patricio Gallardo (WUSTL) On double covers and their degenerations
Feb. 15 Radu Laza (Stony Brook) Cubics and Hyperkählers
Feb. 21
Note: 3PM
An Huang (Brandeis) Hasse-Witt matrices and period integrals
Feb. 28 -------- No seminar
Mar. 7 Tokio Sasaki/Muxi Li (WUSTL) Limits and singularities for K1 cycles on algebraic surfaces / Integral regulators for higher Chow complexes
Mar. 14 Spring break No seminar
Mar. 21 Sebastian Casalaina-Martin (CU-Boulder) Algebraic representatives and intermediate Jacobians over perfect fields
Mar. 28 Benjamin Schmidt (UT-Austin) The genus of space curves and derived categories
Apr. 4 Kristin DeVleming (U Washington) Moduli of surfaces in P3
Apr. 11 Patricio Gallardo (WUSTL) On singularities and variation of GIT
Apr. 18 Feng Hao (Purdue) 1-motive associated to degeneration of curves
Apr. 19 Eyal Markman (U Mass) Monodromy of generalized Kummer varieties
Note: Rm. 113, 3-4 pm
Apr. 25 Cristian Martinez (UCSB) Stability conditions on blow-ups and counterexamples

Fall 2017 talks

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 18 Kenneth Ascher (MIT) Compactifications of the moduli space of elliptic surfaces
Sept. 25 Patricio Gallardo (WUSTL) Compactifying plane curves of fixed degree
Oct. 2 Yajnaseni Dutta (Northwestern) On Fujita type conjectures
Oct. 9 [no seminar]
Oct. 16 Luca di Cerbo (ICTP/Stony Brook) On the classification of toroidal compactifications of complex hyperbolic manifolds
Oct. 23 Alexander Jon Stathis (UGA) Intersection theory on the Hilbert scheme of points in the projective plane
Oct. 25 Matt Kerr (WUSTL) Irrationality of ζ(3) and higher normal functions
Oct. 30 Xudong Zheng (JHU) The Hilbert scheme of points on singular surfaces
Nov. 6 Charles Doran (Alberta/ICERM) Calabi-Yau manifolds, mirrors, and moduli
Nov. 13 Patricio Gallardo (WUSTL) Point and line to plane
Nov. 20 Evangelos Routis (IPMU) Complete complexes and spectral sequences
Note: 2:10-3:00, Rm. 199
Nov. 20 Andrew Harder (Miami) Tyurin degenerations, mirror symmetry and perverse sheaves of categories
Note: 4:15-5:15
Nov. 27 Jack Sonn (Technion) Galois groups over the rationals with ramification constraints
Nov. 28 Laura Escobar (UIUC) Bott-Samelson varieties and combinatorics
Dec. 4 Adrian Clingher (UMSL) On Kummer surfaces with polarization of type (1,2)
Dec. 5 Eric Riedl (UIC) Rational curves on hypersurfaces
Dec. 7 Florian Frick (Cornell) Intersections of finite sets: geometry and topology
Dec. 12 Martha Precup (Northwestern) The cohomology of abelian Hessenberg varieties

Spring 2017 talks

Date Speaker Title
January 3
Note: Tuesday
Lei Wu (Northwestern) Multi-indexed Deligne extensions and a Kawamata-Viehweg type vanishing theorem for log VHS
March 29
Note: 4:15
Ravindra Girivaru (UMSL) Lefschetz conjectures for Chow groups -- an update
April 5
Note: Room 111
Tokio Sasaki (WUSTL) Constructions of Calabi-Yau manifolds from reflexive polytopes
April 12,13 Deepam Patel (Purdue) Semi-abelian motives Note: 4:30
Enriched Hodge structures
April 14 Ludmil Katzarkov (Miami) Center manifolds and Hodge theory
April 19 Roya Beheshti (WUSTL) Recent developments in (stable) rationality, I
April 26 Roya Beheshti (WUSTL) Recent developments in (stable) rationality, II
May 10 Patricio Gallardo (U. Georgia) On geometric invariant theory for hypersurfaces and their hyperplane sections

Fall 2016 talks

Date Speaker Title
September 7 Mihnea Popa (Northwestern) Hodge ideals
September 14 Patrick Brosnan (UMD) The Shareshian-Wachs conjecture
September 22 Alena Pirutka (NYU) Around rationality
October 19 Laure Flapan (UCLA) Geometry and modularity of Schreider's varieties
October 26, 27 Martha Precup (Northwestern) The Betti numbers of of regular Hessenberg varieties and the dot action
A generalization of the Springer resolution for GLn(C)
November 2 Tokio Sasaki (WUSTL) Explicit Hodge-D-Conjecture for some some families of K3 surfaces
November 9 Kevin Kordek (TAMU) Picard groups of moduli spaces of curves with symmetry

Spring 2016 talks

Date Speaker Title
February 26 Farbod Shokrieh (Cornell) Classes of compactified Jacobians in the Grothendieck ring
April 1 Xuanyu Pan (WUSTL) The geometry of cycles on higher Fano hypersurfaces
April 8 Genival da Silva Jr. (WUSTL) Surfaces with exceptional monodromy
April 15 Amin Gholampour (Maryland) Intersection numbers on the Hilbert scheme of points on surfaces [Note: Room 115]
April 29 James Lewis (Alberta) The business of height pairings
May 6 Roya Beheshti (WUSTL) Stably rational varieties