Period Domains, Algebraic Cycles, and Arithmetic

Conference, 14-20 June 2013

University of British Columbia, Vancouver

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Friday, June 14

Fundamental group and other topics

Speaker Time Topic Notes


9:50-10:10 coffee
R. Laza 10:10-11:00

Hermitian Variations of Hodge Structure
  of Calabi-Yau type

L. Katzarkov 11:10-12:00

Nonabelian Hodge theory,
  dynamical systems and categories

12:00-1:30 lunch
R. Hain 1:30-2:20

The Hodge theory of relative completions
  of modular groups

2:20-3:00 coffee
T. Terasoma 3:00-3:50

Cohomological representations
  of Grothendieck Teichmueller group

4:00-4:30 discussion Terasoma

Saturday, June 15

Arithmetic aspects of cycles and period maps

Speaker Time Topic Notes
J. Carlson 9:00-9:50

The field of periods for
  doubly cyclic cubic threefolds

9:50-10:30 coffee
J. Walcher 10:30-11:20

On some local and global aspects
  of curves on Calabi-Yau threefolds

M. Saito 11:30-12:20

Normal functions and spread of zero-locus

12:20-1:50 lunch
V. Vologodsky 1:50-2:40

Noncommutative local monodromy theorem

2:40-3:00 coffee
H. Gangl 3:00-3:50

A higher Bloch group in weight 4

4:00-4:30 discussion Saito

Sunday, June 16

Algebraic cycles and the Hodge conjecture

Speaker Time Topic Notes
P. Brosnan 9:00-9:50

The archimedean height

9:50-10:30 coffee
C. Schnell 10:30-11:20

Compactifying the locus of Hodge classes

11:20-1:00 lunch
B. Totaro 1:00-1:50

The integral Hodge conjecture for 3-folds

1:50-2:10 coffee
D. Arapura 2:10-3:00

An abelian category of motivic sheaves

3:10-3:40 discussion Arapura

Monday, June 17

Mumford-Tate groups and representation theory

Speaker Time Topic Notes
W. Goldring 9:00-9:50

Generalized Hasse invariants,
  stratifications of unitary Shimura varieties
    and Galois representations

9:50-10:30 coffee
S. Patrikis 10:30-11:20

Toward a generalized Kuga-Satake theory

11:20-1:00 lunch
H. Yoshida 1:00-1:50

On generalizations of
  the Shimura-Taniyama conjecture

1:50-2:10 coffee
B. Moonen 2:10-3:00

The Mumford-Tate conjecture
  for some classes of algebraic surfaces

3:10-3:40 discussion Yoshida

Tuesday, June 18

Period domains and their compactifications

Speaker Time Topic Notes
C. Robles 9:00-9:50

Geometry of nonclassical flag domains

9:50-10:30 coffee
B. Klingler 10:30-11:20

The hyperbolic Ax-Lindemann conjecture

11:20-1:00 lunch
S. Usui 1:00-1:50

Study of mirror symmetry through
  log mixed Hodge theory

1:50-2:10 coffee
S. Zucker 2:10-3:00

Reductive Borel-Serre motives

3:10-3:40 discussion Robles
4:00-6:30 Reception

Wednesday, June 19

Automorphic forms and automorphic cohomology

Speaker Time Topic Notes
P. Griffiths 9:00-9:50

Non-classical flag domains and
  Spencer resolutions

9:50-10:30 coffee
H. Carayol 10:30-11:20

Can we define rational structures on
  automorphic cohomology spaces?

11:20-1:00 lunch
M. Green 1:00-1:50

Geometry of non-open orbits of
  Mumford-Tate domains

1:50-2:10 coffee
W. Schmid 2:10-3:00

The n-cohomology of the
  limits of the discrete series

3:10-3:40 discussion Carayol

Thursday, June 20

In Celebration of James Lewis's 60th Birthday

Speaker Time Topic Notes
W. Raskind 9:00-9:40

From archimedean to non-archimedean
  regulators, and back?

M. Asakura 9:45-10:25

Real regulator on K1 of surface
   having a fibration of curves

10:25-11:05 coffee
R. de Jeu 11:05-11:45

The syntomic regulator for K4 of curves

11:45-1:15 lunch
J. Burgos 1:15-1:55

The singularities of the invariant metric
  of the sheaf of Jacobi forms on
    the universal elliptic curve

C. Pedrini 2:00-2:40

Some surfaces of general type
  for which Bloch's conjecture holds

2:40-3:00 coffee
C. Doran 3:00-3:40

Orientifolds and twisted KR-theory

M. Kerr 3:45-4:25

Naive boundary strata and nilpotent orbits