Matt Kerr

Cupples I, Room 114
e-mail: matkerr [at]

Recent and Upcoming Conferences:

Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium, November 4-5, 2023, St. Louis
(co-organized with R. Beheshti and W. Li)

Spectral Theory, Algebraic Geometry, and Strings, June 19-23, 2023, Mainz
(co-organized with C. Doran, A Grassi, H. Jockers and M. Mariño)

Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic K-Theory, May 23-25, 2022, St. Louis
(co-organized with R. Beheshti and J. Shareshian)

Recent advances in Hodge theory, June 10-20, 2013, Vancouver
(co-organized with J. Lewis and G. Pearlstein) photos
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Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry seminar Instructions for Math Department Colloquium
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Upcoming Teaching (Fall 2024):

Algebra I
Complex Analysis I

Some Course Notes:

Honors Math II
Honors Math I
Linear Algebra
Complex Analysis II
Algebraic Geometry
Hodge Theory
Algebraic cycles Number Theory and Cryptography (book)


CV updated November 2023
A brief description of some of my past work
Recent talks on Nilpotent cones, Normal functions, and Adjoint varieties
Older talks on Regulator maps, Mumford-Tate groups and Normal functions
NSF grants: Algebraic cycles, Hodge theory, and arithmetic (2011-14);
   FRG: Hodge theory, moduli, and representation theory (2014-19; FRG website);
   Asymptotic Hodge theory, fibered motives, and algebraic cycles (2021-24)
Postdoctoral associates: Ivan Horozov (2011-2015); Patricio Gallardo (2017-2019); Humberto Diaz (2019-2022); Jay Yang (2022-present)
Current Ph.D. Students: Xiaojiang Cheng; RJ Acuna; Devin Akman; Rachel Wu
Ph.D. Graduates: Ryan Keast (2016); Genival da Silva Jr. (2016); Yu Yang (2017); Muxi Li (2018); Tokio Sasaki (2019); Soumya Sinha Babu (2022); Ben Castor (2022); Haohua Deng (2022)

  1. with RJ Acuña and D. Akman, Real regulator maps with finite 0-locus, preprint, 2024. (link)
  2. with S. Tayou, On the torsion locus of the Ceresa normal function, preprint, 2024. (link)
  3. with R. Laza, Hodge theory of degenerations, (III): a vanishing cycle calculus for non-isolated singularities, preprint, 2023. (link)
  4. with B. Castor, H. Deng and G. Pearlstein, Remarks on eigenspectra of isolated singularities, to appear in Pacific J. Math. (2024). (link)
  5. with C. Doran and S. Sinha Babu, K2 and quantum curves, to appear in ATMP (2024). (link)
  6. with P. Gallardo, Algebraic and analytic compactifications of moduli spaces, Notices of the AMS 69 (2022), no. 9, 1476-1485. (publ. version) (arXiv version)
  7. with V. Golyshev and T. Sasaki, Apéry extensions, J. London Math. Soc. 109 (2024), no. 1, e12825. (link)
  8. Unipotent extensions and differential equations (after Bloch-Vlasenko), CNTP 16 (2022), no. 4, 801-849. (link)
  9. with R. Laza, Hodge theory of degenerations, (II): vanishing cohomology and geometric applications, preprint, 2023. (link)
  10. with P. Gallardo and L. Schaffler, Geometric interpretation of toroidal compactifications of moduli of points in the line and cubic surfaces, Adv. Math. 381 (2021), Paper No. 107632, 48 pp.(link)
  11. with R. Laza and M. Saito, Smoothing of rational singularities and Hodge structure, Algebraic Geometry 9 (2022), no. 4, 476-501.(link)
  12. with R. Laza, Hodge theory of degenerations, (I): consequences of the decomposition theorem (appendix by M. Saito), Selecta Math. 27 (2021), Paper No. 71, 48 pp. (link)
  13. with M. Li, Two applications of the integral regulator, Pacific J. Math. 306 (2020), 539-556. (link)
  14. Motivic irrationality proofs, preprint, 2020. (link)
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  17. with Y. Yang, An explicit basis for the rational higher Chow groups of abelian number fields, Ann. K-theory 3 (2018), 173-191. (link)
  18. Counting, sums, and series, preprint, 2018, to appear in ASMI volume. (pdf)
  19. with C. Robles, Variations of Hodge structure and orbits in flag varieties, Adv. Math. 315 (2017), 27-87. (link)
  20. with S. Bloch and P. Vanhove, Local mirror symmetry and the sunset Feynman integral, ATMP 21 (2017), 1373-1453. (link)
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